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Document Checklist

Deceased Estate Process

NGL Attorneys are estate planning and administration of deceased estates specialist based in Alberton, Sandton, Vanderbijlpark and Benoni. We are able to advise clients on the appropriate measures to take that will ensure the continued financial security of dependants and other family members after death. What relevant documents do you need in the event of a family members’ death?

The administration of a deceased estate requires the following documents:

  • Original Death Certificate
  • Original Last Will and Testament (if applicable)
  • Original Identity document and passport
  • Original Marriage Certificate (or certificate of registration of customary marriage)(if applicable)
  • Original Antenuptial Contract (if applicable)

Former spouse(s) details, if divorced: 

  • Full names and contact details
  • Copy of divorce order
  • Copy of divorce agreement
  • Predeceased spouse(s) details (if applicable)
  • Full names
  • Copy of death certificate (if applicable)
  • Master’s office where estate was reported (if applicable)
  • Full names of the deceased’s parents (if applicable)
  • Details of the deceased’s children (including deceased children), including their marital status. (if applicable)

Fixed properties:

  • Original title deeds or safe custody receipts
  • Most recent home loan statements
  • Current lease agreements
  • Rates and/or levy statements
  • Details of any credit life cover
  • Capital gains tax valuations
  • Proof of insurance

Motor Vehicles, Bank Statements etc. 

  • Registration certificates
  • Recent statement in respect of any finance
  • Proof of insurance
  • Recent credit card account statements (including the card itself)
  • Recent bank statements and ATM cards for all accounts
  • Original policy documents in respect of any life assurance, endowments and/or annuities
  • Original firearm licenses and details of all ammunition held (if applicable)
  • Details of all funeral expenses
  • All medical accounts
  • Recent retail store account statements
  • Recent loan account statements
  • Credit agreements and recent statements
  • Telkom account
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